Start ASJ vs NYG

How do you guys feel about ASJ this sunday vs a Giants team that is historically terrible at guarding the TE position?

I’m streaming him in 2 leagues where I punted drafting a TE.

Feel good about it with lee being out. You’re basically praying for a TD but I think it’s fine.

yeah I am putting together my Sunday DFS lineups. any other value DFS plays you have in mind? (just picking your brain)

Not value but I’m assuming your spending on stacking Brees/MT? Seems like the most viable place to spend for this week.

Lions D feels like a pretty decent value though instead of blowing the bank on Ravens/Saints.

It’s easy to find value in week 1 I suppose since everyone is not priced out nearly where they should be… looking at the betting line they have Hou vs NE as the top scoring game intrigues me… I feel like I would want some Alex Collins too.

Collins is a good play.

I’m actually betting the under on the HOU/NE game. Pretty confident in that bet. Don’t think it will be the shoot out everyone assumes it will be.

1st time around, no one was ready for Watson, now there’s film.

HOUs pass rush is also top of the league, pats Oline is not great. On the flip side, HOU oline is horrible, so even though pats pass rush isn’t elite, it’s still going to be a problem for texans. I actually think it’s going to be a lower scoring game.

I would start, but keep an eye out he might play but it might be limted snaps, depending on if his injury gets better


yeah he practiced in full today. Good news!

then start him, if hes 100% good to go then he will have a great game