Start both Oakland WR's?

Just traded away Pryor for Amari Cooper last week. I have Jordy on a bye and Garcon and Crabtree as my other WR’s. Currently flexing Smallwood and have Tarik Cohen and Cameron Brate on the bench. Should I start Amari and Crabtree against Buffalo?

rest of team

qb: cousins
rb: hunt
rb: forte
te: rudolph

I think so - and here is why. Buffalo is on a short week of prep, while Oakland had the full week after playing last Thursday. Also, one of Buffalo’s starting corners and a free safety left sunday’s game with injuries.

Double check their injury report before the game tomorrow, but I think this is a good idea. If the corner and safety are back and definitely in, you may want to reconsider and play garcon instead (though I would feel icky doing that).


Didn’t know that about the Buffalo DB’s so thanks for the link!

I started Garcon last week and honestly can’t stomach the idea of doing it again at this point with Beathard.

Might have to pick up either Ju Ju or Davante Parker off waivers if those DB’s are ok. Thanks for the response!

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Well I was able to trade Cooper for Doug Baldwin last night. Dropped Garcon for Ju Ju (Steeler fan hoping Ju Ju goes off second half, and couldn’t move Garcon even in package deals).

lineup is currently

qb: cousins
rb: hunt
rb: smallwood
wr: Baldwin
wr: crabtree
te: Rudolph
flex: Ju Ju/Cohen/Brate/Forte

Jordy, Demarco, and Corey Davis are on bye

I know that Rudolph has the Browns this week, but I am really close to playin Brate over Rudolph. Really don’t like these games in England. Also, curious about my flex spot. I have Ju Ju in there right now, but im considering Cohen…thoughts?