Start Brees or Winston this week?

So I was able to snag Winston this past week to start while Brees was one bye. (Super glad I did)

I never had the intention of keeping him now that Drew’s bye is over. But I’ve yet to drop him and now I’m wondering who to start! (decisions I hate having to make)

Common sense says Brees, but most of the rankings have Winston well ahead of Brees in a more favorable matchup. Am I overthinking this? Who do you start? Does Brees’ matchup worry anyone this week?

ALSO: I have M. Thomas AND I’m playing against Kamara, so my instinct also wants to start Brees to nerf some of Alvin’s points.

I have both QBs as well. Would like an outside opinion as well. My gut feeling says WInston, but i know Brees will make at least a TD so he can reach the 500 club.

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Yeah Winston has the better matchup and no run game, but my mind is like, c’mon, it’s Drew Brees. He should be my ROS starter!

Ideally, Baltimore will snuff the run game and force Brees to throw more (hopefully, again playing vs. Kamara).

But I had Brees last year and once the running game kicked in (like Week 5) he just wasn’t as effective as a fantasy QB, and that is kinda worrying me this year, despite his awesome start.