Start Breida if active?

If Breida is cleared to play tonight, do I start him over Jaylen Samuels or Duke Johnson? Half PPR

I have the same question but with Breida and Donald Jones II?

Yes. Breida with even only 10 touches is more dangerous in our offense, especially against the Cards, than either of those two guys with 15 touches. You saw the Browns game, 1st touch and he’s gone for an 85 yd TD. Fastest player in the NFL and Shanny’s scheming means big holes and an opportunity at any time to have a big play.

also @TheGryphon

Any take on Duke Johnson or jaylen Samuel’s Sunday?

I don’t like either of them honestly.

Samuels has been injured, and Connor is definitely the guy. IND is also actually 7th against RBs.

Duke gets a few catches per game which is all the keeps him relevant, since Hyde gets all the carries. But JAX is pretty good against RBs as well, 13th I believe, so don’t expect too much from him either.

So while I don’t like either, I’d take Duke over Samuels