Start Burkhead and Bench Ameer?

Ameer v. bears
McKinnon v. Rams
A.J. Green v. Broncos
Burkhead v. Oak.

I currently have Burkhead benched (thanks for sewing the seeds of doubt, Andy!) but am considering starting him. There’s no room for him in there unless I take one of the other three out.

Playoff spot on the line! Opponent has Antonio’s 34 points this week!!! Help!!!


I am in almost exactly the same situation where I’m not sure whether to bench either Ameer or Marshawn Lynch and put in Bulkhead and my opponent had Big Ben and AB so he’s 60pts up already!!
I know that doesn’t really help you out. I’m not sure about McKinnon vs the Rams as I reckon they’ll have put some points up so Vikings will have to throw the ball to chase the game, I’d consider benching McKinnon and starting Burkhead

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If you’re down big you have to play upside. Unfortunately I don’t see Burkhead with huge upside. A lot of mouths to feed on NE


Wow…VERY similar situations!

Thanks for responding at all, especially so late in the morning.

I hear ya re. McKinnon, especially since he became an afterthought last week. But he’s the passcatching back and is capable of huge games. Re. upside, that’s the reason to start McKinnon. High ceiling. If I bench anyone, it will be Ameer.

Such a tough call.

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I agree that Abdullah had the least amount of upside. The bears defense is sneaky good

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I’m just thinking that this could be a breakout game for Burkhead, while Ameer continues to toil in that 7 to 10 fantasy point range…and yes, the Bears D is at least disciplined enough to take care of business with a B+ talent like Ameer carrying the ball.

I know I’m playing with fire by depending on Burkhead, but I think I might give it a crack.