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Start C.Hohan or Q.Enunwa


Who’s a better week 2 start on a full PPR


tough spot. I lean more Hogan but Ramsey could silence him. If you’re high on quincy and his comeback season then follow that hype


I agree with you about Ramsey, the only thing that worries me about Enunwa is wether it was a lucky week or if he will be consistent


strong textI think Ramsey stays on Gronk more, just to add to the mix. I loved having hogan last year but he will have a lot of value if he has a good week


To make it even funnier I also have Gronkowski, I am hoping for Hogan to have a good week so I can trade him, I don’t like having both WR and TE on same offense .


Darnold was talking up Enunwa a lot this week in the media, whatever that is worth.


Sorry my phone is tripping out I hope I haven’t sent you a bunch of alerts


Ha, nope, gonna sleep on it and offer up that trade early AM if I still feel like it