Start Carson AND Penny?

Hey all! Has the Sea backfield become a situation such as LAC or even GB where both players are sharable on the same roster because they’re running it 30+ times a game. My other options instead of penny in my flex is Drake, Ross, Curtis Samuel or Mostert. Please let me know what y’all think! Thanks$

I’ve been thinking about the same type of play myself. It’s definitely dependent on the rest of your RB core and your top WR flex option. I wouldn’t do it this week against the Rams but I’m going to give it strong consideration in Week 15 when the Seahawks play the Panthers.

The rest of my core is:
Wr- Jeffery
Wr- crowder
Rb- mccaffrey
Rb- Carson
W/t- ross, Samuel, aj brown
W/t/r- penny or drake
Luckily i have a bye this week so looking for next week

I also have Carson and he’s a tough sob. I feel like he was limited more last game because he should’ve been ruled out and they need him for the run. The fact he got 21 carries is encouraging it all depends on the leasing game. Metcalf dropped passes and Lockett was so sick he could do anything. It got me in the playoffs literally without Lockett goosing and Carson being himself so I hope he keeps his spot. Im afraid of the fumble