Start Carter on TNF with Hopkins' Uncertain Injury Status?

Hey Footclan. Okay, I know on the surface this should be a no-brainer… You start Hopkins over Michael Carter all day. But with Hopkins’ status still not certain even after having a long week to rest and Carter playing Thursday night, I am nervous that I will get stuck starting Jeremy McNichols at my flex.

Okay so here are some more details:

12 team redraft, .5ppr, single flex

My WRs: Kupp, Hopkins, M. Williams, Lazard, R. Moore, OBJ
My RBs: Ekeler, Patterson, Carter, McNichols, Hasty

So, if I don’t start Carter tonight, and Hopkins is out, I’ll be stuck with McNichols in my flex. I know this isn’t the end of the world, but I kind of need a win. I am the highest scoring team in my league but also have the most points against, so I am sitting with only 3 wins.