Start Chark or Diggs?

Lattimore will be on Chark most likely where as Philly will do everything to stop the run which means cousins might actually air it out against a beat up secondary. Tough call have a feeling he may have a good day sitting on my bench. Leaning Chark…

I’d lean Chark as well. I have Theilan so I hope he throws more but if he does I think Theilan gets the look over Diggs. I’d play Chark

I have the same players, I’m going chark

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Diggs has been a constant disappointment, and while I don’t expect Chark to have a monster game like he did last week, he clearly has WAY more upside. I have both players as well, and honestly I’d like to trade Diggs away (unless he gets traded to a different team!). Thielen has been getting all the passing love on MN, and they are run-heavy to begin with.

I’d go with Chark