Start Chiefs/Patriots?

I’m sure I’m not the only one having this issue, but I’ve been hit hard with the PPD games and unfortunately my league hasn’t put anything in place such as start them and name a backup like I see some leagues are doing.

So, I make some moves and now have some options to make. Do I risk starting my Chiefs players, or:

Start Fitzmagic over Mahomes
Start Tee Higgins or Russell Gage over Tyreek Hill

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I’m in a similar boat with CEH. Not sure if I should play him or just go with Hunt and Montgomery. Things seem to be looking okay for the game but I think I’m leaning to biting the bullet this week and not risking it. But would love to hear other inputs on this

I’m leaning the same way. I also have James Conner and wasn’t happy when they pushed the game, but now I’m just wishing they’d do the same with Chiefs/Patriots so I know what to do lol

I’m trying to get my league to designate a sub player incase the game doesn’t get played but I doesn’t look like everyone is on board with it. Until it happens to them they don’t seem to care