Start chubb

Is anyone not starting Chubb this week because of his matchup with Houston’s elite run d and the fact browns will be playing from behind?
My other options are good as well ie gurley mcaffery and Ekeler

Also have Kamari and white in another league

May even play Mack Michel and Adams over him


Chubb is becoming a stud to me and you have to start your studs. Gurley and CMC obviously over him, but not Ekeler.

I just put a post up asking basically the same thing. Feels weird to leave him on the bench, right?
He is slowly getting involved in the passing game(better than Landry) but still.

Adams might be a good play.

Do you have any WR worth flexing?

Live and die with your studs.


I am starting chubb over Jordan Howard and Leonard Fournette (not that I have a choice in that)

I’m currently flexing Ekeler over Chubb in full ppr because I hate the road matchup in Houston. Chubb could out talent his opposition, he has that ability, but I’m leaning towards the more experienced Rivers led offense in what could be a really high scoring game. I’m not 100% sold on Ekeler yet but it would be hard to convince to play Chubb considering his matchup and the overall inexperience of his teammates and coaching staff.

Scared that browns will be playing from behind. These are my Line ups. What do you guys think?

Would I be crazy to play Edwards over chubb lol I’m starting Mixon and Aaron jones

Yes, whether that works or not it’s dumb. Gus falls forward while chubb is the second best rookie RB and in most other years would be the best Rookie RB if it weren’t for barkley.

Did you see that insane catch that Chubb made?!? He’s an all purpose back and will be used more and more in the passing game.

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Ya I get the hype but you would start Chubb over Ekeler this week? That game will be high scoring. Probably tons of work for him in rushing and passing