Start Clement or J. Howard? Standard League

Which would you start at the flex? My two starting RB’s this week are S. Michel and M. Ingram

I have Howard as an RB2, Mack in my flex, Gordon as my RB1. Thats a close decision, I am very high on Howard this week, the Bears will have to score alot to keep up with the Pats. I usually prefer teams with better defenses, and home teams by alot too. However, the Pats are back. Its going to be a high scoring game. Clement did well last week, but he has a tough matchup against Carolina. I still view Howard as a stud for the time being(which I’m sure I am in the minority on), and you have to start your studs.

If he doesn’t do well this week I apologize in advance if you choose him. I am a broken record on here defending Howard, but he has have a big game at some point. He’s too good of a player, on too good of an offense, with too much production in the past not to have a blow up game at some point. Hope it works out whichever way you go.

I’d have to kindly disagree and I’ve been a Howard truther all season also a bears fan. And I just have a nagging feeling howard is going to be scripted out of this game. It just seems as if nagy is telling to build a high octane fast paced offense and by doing that hes putting Howard on the back burner. Also hes running Howard out of shotgun formations and hes a much better runner out of the i with a lead blocker. Also Howard’s not been getting enough touches to get it going he needs in the high teens to 20s to get going

Thanks for the input guys. I’m probably gonna go with Howard this week for the simple fact that I’m a heavy favorite this week and just hope that he has a good game and then trade him away. Since I think if I leave him on my bench then try to trade him, people will think I’m getting rid of him believing he is no good. Even though that’s exactly what I’m doing but I don’t want them to think that. Some people see that as a “bench” player versus a “starter.” I just need L. Bell to come back already

I have both these guys and i am starting clement. Carolina’s d isn’t that good. Cohen will get all the touchs. Patriots will be up.