Start Conner over Freeman and Williams? Half PPR

Start James Conner over Royce Freeman and Jamaal Williams? Half PPR.

Jamaal and Conner are similar talents facing tough run defenses.

I’d say Conner because they’re more reliant on one RB. Montgomery could steal some pass work from Jamaal.

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Thank you NastySham!

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I’m starting williams. Better offense, probably more end zone looks.

Without Bell, Steelers lean on passing game more anyways. Also, Browns are a top 5 run D and under dogs.

Give the RB playing for the heavy home home favorites in an Aaron Rodgers led offence.

Keep an eye on the weather in the Pitt game. There is a pretty good chance of rain right now. That could lead to more ground work, but Cleveland was pretty good against the run last year and I see no reason why that doesn’t continue here.

Conner has shown he can catch passes and Tomlin has always just plugged a RB into the lineup in place of Bell and given him basically that same type of usage.

Williams has a slightly better shot against an improved Bears defense, but proved he could put up numbers down the stretch last year wthout Rodgers.

I like Freeman this week personally because I think Seattle can be run on and that Denver will try to exploit that with their line. Booker probably does take some reception value away from Freeman here.

At half point it’s not as big a deal as full ppr, but I think Conner of the three will get the extra opportunities through the passing game.

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Wow, thank you for taking the time to really break it all down, I appreciate it psychosem17!

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