Start Cousins or Palmer? Standard

Start Cousins or Palmer? Standard.

That’s a tough one. A decision I myself am also struggling with. Leaning towards Palmer, but also going back and forth with Palmer’s tendency to bounce back and forth from week to week. Now that Cousins seems to be past his usual “slow-start” I have a hard time not going with him. BUT…just also feel that Palmer vs SF is gonna have the easier time of it. Cousins is facing KC…IN KC. Again…really torn here. I know this hasn’t been much help @kirbyjwilson . I reckon just trying to offer a second opinion from another “what the hell to do-er”.

Heh heh @llc I hear ya! At this point, my magic 8 ball says…Palmer.

@kirbyjwilson Yeah…me too. But…dadgummit…just always hate going against my Cousins “instinct”. He’s pulled me through last 3 years. (LOL…still can’t figure out why most in my league don’t jump on him as a top choice in their QB choices.) Anyway…despite what I just said…REALLY torn about Palmer this week!!! Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!!! LOL…

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LOL…I know, I know…I’M NOT HELPING HERE HUH?? LOL. Sorry!!!

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Oh shoot. Forgot to mention…I’m PPR. BUT…still.

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I’ve got Cousins throwing to Pryor and Perine…

Man I had to do the samething last year, so hard every time. Probably going to end up being wrong but I’d go Palmer. 49ers are allowing 25 points per game whereas KC is averaging about 19. Also, 49ers D has only 3 sacks, 1 interception, and have allowed 6 passing touchdowns this year so far. Washington is utilizing the run more now, and Arizona will probably fall back on one of their most experienced players (Palmer) since they can’t run the offense through D Johnson anymore.

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Aren’t the Cardinals getting some of their offensive line players back this week?

I’m assuming it will help Palmer a bit more.

Don’t have much data on KC defense.

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