Start Dalvin Cook or Demarco Murray this week

Murray @ Jax
Cook @ Pit

Very hard decision. Cook had a great game and Murray did not. Id personally would start Murray just because he might have a bounce back game but again cook had a REALLY good game

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Agreed with @LuccasG … is there any way you can play both?

Not really my other two backs are Elliott and Hunt

Time to work a trade, you have 4 RB1s… How many teams in your league?

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god damn lol yep time for a trade.

i would start hunt and Zeke and trade Cook on his high game and have murray as a backup. BUT keep in mind zeke might still be suspended

Who are your Wrs? Before you trade any of those guys

You are certainly stacked in the RB department. Jacksonville’s D looked very solid last week. It’s better against the pass but they are loaded up front and Murray might not find room to run. I would roll with Cook this week and consider as others have mentioned putting together a trade.

I’ve never regretted RB depth. Who are your WRs and what’s your scoring format?

Standard scoring 10team league
I have Antonio Brown, Thielen, Crowder, Parker, Maclin, Watkins

see response below

10 teams
Standard Scoring

I would keep all those RBs and just play matchups all year you are fine at WR and trust me you will be happy to have that depth at RB!!

i have similiar senario i have murray, mccoy, dalvin cook, and christian mccaffrey. which one of the 3 should i bench its a full ppr league