Start Dalvin or Brieda

Dalvin Cook or Matt Brieda in PPR. Looking for the safe play. Other RB’s are Conner and Gurley

I think Breida is the move here. Dalvin had a little injury scare last week so I wouldn’t consider him safe in the event he tweaks it. Meanwhile Breida is averaging some ridiculous number like 9.9 ypc (not sustainable I know but even half that is great) and the Chiefs are the worst against rushing in the past two years. Combine that with Breida’s pass catching use increasing and I like Breida 100%.

Dalvin Cook lol. Especially if its PPR but honestly regardless of format.

Can’t judge Breida based on one game against Lions who have literally had the worst rushing D in the NFL. Made Crowell and Powell look like RB1s. Here are the facts:

Breida is still playing than <40% of the snaps and is getting out carried and out snapped by Morris. It’s a 3 person RBBC on that team.

Vikings are going up against the Bills. The 2nd worst if not the worst team in the NFL. Horrible rushing D. Plenty of goal line opportunities and yards for Cook.

Cook had cramps last week, it was reported. Don’t be someone who has a kneejerk reaction and go chasing points from last week. It’s a new week. Cook is the clear play for me here and I don’t think it’s particularly close.

@MikeMeUpp- Yeah, at first, Cook does seem like the no brainer, however I noticed a couple things that gave me pause (and I am a huge Cook fan):
His YPC is 2.5 yards and I know that’s not the be all end all, it is concerning.
If it was just cramping, why is he sitting out practice?
If it is a blowout as it should be, Zim may sit him and let Lat Murr take the last action like what the Ravens did with Collins.
I see the 9ers/Chiefs contest as much more competitive with Shanny running a lot to keep Mahomes off the field. He will use Brieda a lot again especially if Goodwin is out again. And the Chiefs D is arguably as bad as the Lions.
Both you and @Forty9Giants bring up good points and I’m still leaning Cook if his health plays out but I do think there is something to Brieda and it’s not a miss to consider starting him this week.

Well there you go…

Dalvin is out this week.

I guess that sleeper alert answered the question for you.

Yup. Saw that too. Brieda it is. Thanks for the posts, Footclan!