Start Dante Pettis or Robby Anderson ppr

12 team full ppr

Look I realize this is a disgusting question to ask but due to unfortunate circumstances, I have to decide between these two.

I’ve seen some buzz around Pettis to have a big week coming off the bye.

I initially grabbed Anderson because I thought Darnold would be playing, however now that Luke Falk is starting for the Jets… I’m really considering pivoting to Pettis as a desperate upside play play.

I believe my team is solid enough to carry the burden that may be Anderson or Pettis this week. But if I can get anything from either of these 2, I think it’ll secure a win for me this week

Any advice on who to gamble on this week between Anderson or Pettis would be great


I have no faith in Petrie right now, I need to see it first. I would still roll out Anderson in a very plus matchup.