Start Davante Adams against Vikings D?

Most weeks D. Adams will be locked in as a set it and forget starter, but while I like his potential being the No. 1 for Aaron Rodgers, I still don’t think I’d classify him as a “stud” yet, so I don’t think this would necessarily fall into “start your studs” category.

So should I start Adams this week against the Vikings secondary?

My other locked in WR is M. Thomas with my other WR options being D. Thomas and K. Gollday.

Should sitting Adams even be a question?

I would only start Adams if Rodgers is playing. Apparently he’s still banged up and hasn’t practiced this week

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I guess I should’ve included in my original post that I’m aware they both currently have injury designations and that yes, if Rodgers didn’t play it would make my decision a lot easier.

But assuming both are healthy enough to play.

I wouldn’t start injured players unless I had no better option.

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If Rodgers is healthy, and adams is healthy, I’m starting both. There are very few fantasy teams with enough talent and depth at WR to consider benching Davante Adams. He may not have a great game, but he’s not going to put up a goose egg either. He faced the vikings last year and put up 5/54 and a TD. Not going to lose you your week and a decent floor. And he played most of that game with Brett hundley at the helm. I’ll take a full game with Rodgers all day every day.

DT is an intriguing play as well given it’s Oakland. I wouldn’t fight you if you wanted to start DT’s matchup but I just don’t really trust Keenum. And his fav target is still clearly sanders. Also game is in mile high and derek Carr and raiders suck balls so it’s no guarantee Keenum will have to even sling the rock that much. Can probably just go out there, throw it like <25 times and still win the game with their D and ground and pound. Both games have a nearly identical O/U as well at around 46 points. All things equal, I prefer the Rodgers led offense.


If Rodgers is a go then I lean Adams as well, just wondering if the Vikings D scared anybody.

Right now D. Thomas is my flex play, because I also like the matchup. But I have D. Lewis as a flex option this week… so some tough roster decisions coming up.

Vikings D is in the conversation for best in the league. For all this talk about the Jags, I actually think the Vikings are a better real life NFL defense. They are more versatile and have WAY more talent spread out everywhere. Vikings have Harrison, who IMO, is the best safety in the league. Yes, better than Earl Thomas by at this point in his career. He is criminally underrated and has been an absolute baller since last year. Fact that he got snubbed from NFL top 100 and pro bowl is why I basically pay no attention to either of those. Dudes an All Pro safety. They also have Rhodes, who imo is a top 3 CB in the league and their D line is ridiculous, LBs are all studs and incredibly fast.

In short, to answer your question am I scared of Viking D? hell yes. I am dodging starting 90% of players against them this season. Rodgers just isn’t one of those players. Although from a statistical perspective, Zimmer’s Vikings D are the only ones who have been able to slow him down. There is a significant drop in his production both from a passing attempts, yards, TD, int. Basically every facet of the game. But I’ll just say this. 80% of Rodgers, is better than 95% of the rest of the league still. Only exception to that is maybe Drew Brees.