Start decision for title game help! Please

With the dak news I’m wondering if I should bench Cooper. I have Boone and ap on the bench but I’m also worried about Cooper kupp. Should I bench any of the three : Cooper , kupp, or mostert for Boone?

Im benching Cooper but im also benching mostert currently but really its about can you live with him going off on your bench? he could but i dont think he gets it done this week personally

I’m worried about dak for sure. I have mattison and Boone so I’m not screwed if I wait. Rest of my team is Lamar jackson, ap, Carson,mostert,Boone,mattison, davante Adams,kupp,Cooper,deebo,kelce,Ravens d and Robbie Gould. Kupp and the rams scare me but now I’m worried about the cowboys too