Start Drake or Howard help me on this

.5 ppr format.

Alright guys who to play this week? What are you thoughts.

J. Howard because Bears should be up and will run out the clock this game!!

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Any other thoughts on this?

@GJN27 @seth_stark

I’d go with Howard because I think buffalo is an easy match up, I have disliked drake all year. But he’s been good past couple a weeks. Jets def is quietly been okay a little banged up though. But I don’t like drake lol as much as Howard’s favorable matchup

I’ve got drake Howard and gordan. Was leaning to Howard and Gordon if he was going to play. I’ve got good WRs that should have big games so was going to put one of them in my flex instead of drake. (Golladay or mvs. Haven’t decided yet)

I’m all in on Howard this week, Chicago should be up and they should be leaning on the run to drain the clock. I’m starting him in a lineup myself.

You think I should start Golladay or mvs in my flex instead of Howard? @GJN27

Golladay intrigues me but I think I heard he’s getting the tougher matchup than Marvin, I’d be between Golladay and Howard and this week I think I’d go Howard, personally. That’s real tough though. This is ppr or standard? Ppr makes it tough, if it’s standard I go Howard. Ppr I think I still lean Howard.

I’m sorry I meant,
Start Golladay or mvs in my flex instead of drake. .5ppr @GJN27