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Start´Em Sit´Em


Hey people,

I´m playing in a Standard Scoring League and I will be starting 3 runningbacks ( 2rb´s and 1 flex)
I got Freeman against Greenbay, Gurley against Washington, Cook against the Steelers and Montgomery against Antlanta.

My starters would be Freeman, Gurley and Cook. But I am considering to start Montgomery over Gurley. I´m not sure yet, so thanks for any advice.


I would go with your first gut feeling with it being Standard. But it is close with putting Montgomery in for Cook for me.


I would start Freeman, Montgomery and Cook. Pit is a better D than NO, but Cook is better than Crowell. I believe Gurley’s success was due to Indy’s D. Wash held PHI to 58 yds rushing and 43 yds passing to RBs.


I lean toward Freeman, Montgomery, and Cook as well. Gurley averaged 2.1 YPC against a swiss cheese Indy defense. Gurley was given a lot of opportunity since Indy couldn’t move the ball and he did next to nothing with it.