Start Godwin today?! Please help

They say he’s playing but should I be worried? My other options are Dorsett and tyrell Williams

Bump up for help

Bumping because I have the same problem. The volume will certainly be there as they’ll be playing from behind, just a matter of A) whether he’ll be effective, and B) even if he is, will the game get out of hand enough that they may pull him to keep him from being hurt further.

Totally agree man, I’m struggling with this one a lot. I feel like for me personally Tyrell seems pretty safe but I don’t want to sit Godwin

Neither do I but may be better to err on the side of caution, he’s got a tough matchup today regardless of his health.

I’d be benching Godwin if I had a solid option behind him, but that’s just me… some dude in another thread thought I was nuts for telling him to bench Godwin… to each his own

Would you consider Dorsett or Tyrell Williams a solid option?

Very true, I’m stressed!!

I have JR3, C. Samuel, McLaurin (another question mark) and Dontrelle Inman.

Inman could be a sleeper today.

That’s nice I actually like Curtis Samuel this week I’m playing him as a flex in my other league I think he scores a TD today

I think so too, that solves one spot of mine, just a matter of what to do with Godwin/McLaurin or start Ross and/or Inman today instead.

Yea I’m having the same problem if I had T Williams and it was PPR id def play him. My back ups are mclaurin (and he’s hurt) or D. Robinson. Idk what I’ma do

Id do McLaurin over Godwin pretty easy… he’s less hurt and has a way better matchup

I’m starting Andrews or Marvin Jones over Godwin. Probably Andrews

Just saw report stating that McLaurin is sitting.

Guessing I’m starting JR3 instead, so for me it’s just a matter of Inman or Godwin.

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I may just start Hardman instead of Godwin, only practicing once all week and it’s his hip.


I am benching Godwin but I have Evans and woods. Tough even still to bench Godwin over woods. But I really want woods to bounce back in this one. My luck, Godwin will go off and Evans will fizzle. Ha