Start Gus Edwards or Jordan Howard?

Both are playing Run Ds that give up about the same amount of points.
Both are projected to score about the same amount of points.
One has been a colossal disappointment but still a hit or miss. The other looks to be trending up but came out of no where.

I’m leaning towards Gus just because I’ve burned so many times by Howard.

What do y’all think?

gotta see what gus’s workload truly is, i hate guys blowing up in 1 game and people over hyping him, that being said if trubisky cant go howard is going to get keyed in on. but his usage might go up as well. tough choice, im leaning howard, but neither choice is a bad one this week.

Classic floor (Howard) vs ceiling (Gus) debate.

Depends on your matchup and what you need.

I have Howard, Tevin, and Gus this week (Gurley on bye). At this point, I’m leaning Howard and Tevin, with Gus being my backup plan if AJ green is out on Sunday

I would ride the hot hand with Edwards… Howard has been disappointing… of course both guys should be looked at as flex plays and it’ll depend on how much risk you can take

In your opinion who has the higher ceiling?

edwards has higher ceiling but far more risk (hes played literally 1 game) howard has the higher floor (is the establish goalline back and true running back in the bears offense)

Howard will probably get somewhere between 7 and 11 points. Gus will probably get somewhere between 2 and 25 points


I agree, except Howard could be as low as 2 points also without a TD as he has been TD dependant lately