Start Help - Reed or Seferian-Jenkins?

1 point PPR. Reed is finally “healthy”, so do I start him or the sure fire #1 option on his team and start Seferian-Jenkins?

Thanks Footclan.

What’s your situation? If you have good standing in league so far I’d say Reed definitely has more upside. ASJ would have a lower floor but don’t expect a big blowout game for him. If you need a win I say Reed

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Yeah. Plug in the best player.

Rule 86 - when healthy play him

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I’m 2-3 but tied for 3rd place. I agree and see Reed as the bigger upside. The ballers have them one behind the other in their premium rankings too.

Rule 86- gotta go w the upside imo… Only way i play ASJ over Reed is if your opponent has a shitty team and you are playing for a safe floor. If you think you will be playing a stout team this week, play Reed. This has to be Reeds get right game. I have him in a league and will likely be done if he cant do it against SF.

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Reed all day.