Start help this week at Wide Receiver

So my receivers are Evans, Dez, Corey Davis, ted Ginn, Dede Westbrook, and Josh Gordon.

Don’t know if starting dez against the chargers or Corey Davis against the colts is the better play. I’m a dez fan but so far this season and especially the last 4 weeks he hasn’t done anything crazy exciting but has had a solid floor of around 6 ish points (standard). Davis has crazy upside but so far has not done anything since his return either, would love some feedback from anybody. Thanks!

I think I’d play Davis but only because I feel so stung by dez I’m losing the faith.

Hard to say any of those guys over Dez, but as Josh mentioned, Davis is the only candidate there to consider over him. I personally think he is due a breakout game and it could come against Indy.

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It’s hard to not start dez but heyward is a good corner and I’m not entirely sure if he travels around the field or not but I️ just feel like Davis has a safer chance of having a bigger game if that makes sense

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Agree with @JDawg22 and @Caveman45 Heyward is really good and will cover Dez. And you couldn’t ask for a better matchup for David to break out in