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Start Hilton?


Hey guys,

First post here, hoping you are all doing well. Wondering whether I should sit Hilton this week, being that Luck will not play. I could move Sanders into my WR 2 slot and move either Allen Robinson, J. Crowder, Kenny Britt or A. Thielen into my Flex spot.


Is that Emmanuel sanders?

I would not start him. I would start A Robinson, Crowder, and thelen over E sanders and TY.


Yea it is. So my lineup would be:

QB: Kirk Cousins

RB1: L. McCoy

RB2: J. Howard

WR1: A. Cooper

WR2: Allen Robinson or J. Crowder

TE: D. Walker

FLX: Mark Ingram

FLX: E Sanders or J. Crowder or Thielen

D: Bills

K: Adam V.


Never start Hilton without Luck, take that from a big Colts fan. Move Sanders up and put Crowder or Thielen into that flex if its PPR and Robinson if its standard.


Sanders for sure


I agree, I would go Sanders.