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Start Hogan or Garcon?


Start Hogan or Garcon? Standard Format.


Hogan is the pick for me


Yeah I was thinking Garcon. Then I thought of it as Tom Brady vs. Brian Hoyer…and maybe I should go with Hogan. And I’d better make my decision quick, since SF plays tonight. So I think I’ll go Hogan. Thanks!


Houston might be without their top cornerbacks Houston might be without their top cornerbacks


Oooh I didn’t even realize that!


Amendola looks like he’ll be back up this week, I’d personally go with Garcon, I think he’s going to put up a good week.


We’ll see with Aaron Donald back out there I think that QBs going to be on his back


In that game Brady missed a couple really good connections with Hogan that wouldn’t make his receiving yards more than Danny’s


That’s how I feel about Garcon, he didn’t have a great week 2, but it was against a Seattle defense. Either way, you should be fine, but I think they both have their boom or bust values.