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Start Ingram or AP tonight? PPR scoring


Down 33 with Diggs and Ingram/AP left. Start Ingram or AP tonight? PPR scoring


I can see AP getting at least 1 score against his old team. I’d go with him.


Ingram is the better player at this point, and i expect him to be the man this year. That said, I don’t see a scenario resonable in which he gets 33 points. He almost never gets enough work for that. This isn’t exactly a reasonable scenario either, but it’s possible Peyton could want to prove he’s smarter than everyone and get Peterson 4 TDs.

Basically, I think Peterson has the wider range of possible outcomes this week.


Agree 100% that they will try to get AP in the end zone tonight. Keep in mind that I also have Diggs playing, so Ingram wouldn’t need to get 33. I do get what you’re saying though. Ingram is most likely the higher floor play while AP is more boom-bust with higher upside, especially tonight against his old team.


Go with Ingram higher ceiling and more safer.


Ah, i see. In that case, I’d definitely go with Ingram. I was thinking you needed him to get you the whole 33. The PPR scoring also helps push me Ingram’s way.