Start Joe Mixon or Marshawn Lynch?

This is a 12 man 0.5 ppr league. I started Sony Michel already. Kamara is my auto-start. My opponent started Eric Ebron but has kinda a weak team… Do I start Lynch or Mixon?

I’d really want to say Mixon. His injury worries me a little, but, with Bernard out, Mixon will be Cincy’s backfield.

Mixon should be an auto start too IMO, even coming back from an injury

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Mixon will put up 20+ today guaranteed. He waited just as long as James white did to come back from the same injury. And if Geo can be banged up and put up numbers with that O line then joe will be just fine

I’d be willing to make a water bet on the 20+ points although it’s certainly within his range of outcomes. I just think he won’t see the same amount of snaps today as he normally would so it may be hard to reach that number without getting in the end zone a couple times

I’m in the same boat. Played Michel already and Gordon is my RB1. Looking for flex between lynch and Mixon. All analysts are favoring Lynch but I’m a big Mixon fan and he is playing at home too. Will roll with Mixon today. Cant be too much a diff between them.

I’m reluctantly going with Lynch as he has the better floor… and just read an article how gruden is dealing with his workload… “feed him as much as possible”

Mixon, but barely. Both will have good to great games, in my opinion, but Mixon is at home and is facing a weaker defense. Lynch does have the better floor, though. Depends on whether you want the safer floor v. the “water bet” on the ceiling, as JPlum_3 put it.