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Start Jordan Howard or Alvin Kamara? (Week 7)


I’m unsure, who to start in my Flex-Spot since Kamara is heavily involved in the passing game against a Packers D with basically no starters left and Howard is facing a tough matchup against Carolina. But also is Mark Ingram handling the heavy workload rushing-wise and Howard posted 17 points against the Ravens…

(My first two RB spots are taken by Fournette against Indy and McCoy (Bills probably without Clay) against Tampa, which I consider safe bets)


I personally would go Howard but kamara is playing darn good behind Ingram-if it’s PPR I like kamara but it’s at Green Bay and ya never there defense may play well-good luck to ya!


It’s a standard non–PPR, so I think I will go with Howard. He has a higher floor I think


Go with Howard is what I would do-


I have both, go with Howard. He has a tougher matchup against Carolina, but that just means he should be getting the ball a ton. Cohen flamed out.