Start Josh Doctson over Marvin Jones Jr

Hey guys, right now I have Marvin Jones in my flex, and Josh Doctson is sitting on the waivers. So, I’m thinking of dropping Jones and picking up Doctson and starting him this week. Should I pull the trigger and do it or hold off. This .5 PPR League and I’m 3-4 so its a must win this week.

post bump. Any suggestions ?

Marvin Jones is much safer than Doctson imo this week with Tate out. Game script probably will favor both players, but if you need a W I think you ride with Jones. If you have a droppable bench player Doctson is a great add though to see if he continues to progress in the offense

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doctson is just now getting more looks. I think you hold one more week to see if the whole “taking away targets from terrelle” is a legit story. I think you go marvin for this week. he also has a solid floor imo

Thanks ! I just see Marvin Jones’s value decreasing when Tate is back while Docston’s value is increasing also Docston’s match-up is much pretty that Jones, so I was thinking of taking the chance, but you guys are probably right lol