Start Julio or play it safe?

Sitting with the difficult decision of starting Julio or not. 0.5 PPR league

A) Start Julio with MVS as a possible pivot if ruled out
B) Bench Julio for another option (Hollywood Brown, DJ Chark, J. Jefferson as options)

How’s your season going? How strong is your opponent? If you’re desperate for a win and/or it’s a tough opponent, swing for the fences and play the highest upside possible. Play Julio.

If you don’t NEED a win badly or are playing a weak opponent, play is safe and go with Chark or Jefferson. But not Brown because the Bears have been tough on WR’s and Lamar looked BAD Monday night.

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I think if Julio is for sure playing then play Julio. The falcons are 0-3 and I don’t think they would risk playing Julio if he wasn’t 100 percent. Like you said MVS could be an option if there is a set back who I actually think has a good game as well in this potential shootout game. But play your studs! There’s no way they risk him at 0-3 so if he’s in I would play him over all those guys mentioned. IFFFFF your really nervous about it then I’d go Chark as he might be the safest of those mentioned. But id ride Julio and play MVS if there’s a setback