Start lance?

Right now my opponent is projected to smack my team around…he has Mahomes, Henry, and Jefferson as his heavy hitters…My team isn’t horrible on paper (although I’m taking high reward shots with golladay and Mooney as my flex’s)

Do I take the almost guaranteed production of Cousins as my QB? Or do I gamble on the high upside of Lance? What are people’s thoughts on him?

Should mention this is 6pt TD league for QBs

So i actually have the same dilemma as well, but i’m currently sticking with Cousins. He had a down week last week but overall has proven to be the more consistent commodity. Lance may get his first full start but this is where we could see just how green he is come to fruition, i think this will be a big learning experience for him. He may end up having a decent game due to his rushing floor and rushing TD potential, but i’m going to stick with the safety of Cousins unless someone provides a stronger argument.

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Agree with everything, I’m also in the same predicament, but I think it also depends on situation. If you’re projected to lose and need that upside, I’d go with Lance over Cousins. We have to remember Lance scored 20ish points in 1 half so there’s that. As a MN fan cousins has been killing it and historically crushes the Lions but idk there’s some fomo aspect for me about leaving Lance on the bench lol excited to watch that game hoping for a shootout. That rushing floor makes it so appealing.

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