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Start Mahomes or Andrew Luck for week 1?


Start Mahomes or Andrew Luck for week 1?


Luck just because he’s at home?


thats what i was gonna say. luck. has a better matchup, is at home, and has shown what he can be. im a huge mahomes guy. but if i have a top QB, im not playing mahomes. i think he will do just fine, but its a tough D on the road and his first official NFL start not counting the sudo start he got with denver.


Bosa is out week 1. I’d start mahomes.


bosa isnt everything. they still have ingram and mebane holding it down on the line, plus hayward and james in the secondary. they will still be strong without him. where the colts, have to deal with the bengals. im pretty confident there.


luck. both defenses are bad and indy has no clear cut lead back so theyll be throwing all day long.


Definitely Luck, I think Mahomes ends up a top 12 QB come end of season but it’s going to be a bit of a slow start to it. Luck in Indy, first game back in so long, new HC/Offense, average defense in Cincy, and no real feel at RB and will have to throw, easy decision for me. Think it’s a shootout.


I would go Luck I have a feeling it’s going to be a shootout. So lots of passing for the colts to keep up with the bengals due to the lack of defense in Indy


seems like that could be the story of Luck’s career right now lol