Start Michel or Ekeler PPR

PPR League

I can decide for is the better start. Michel has big upside to me but I like Ekelers matchup better

I may be the only one to say this because it’s ppr but I think Michel. I think he’s going to have an amazing game. There going to run the ball a lot and I see him ending up with a TD or 2. All that being said though you really can’t go wrong with either or I have both of them and am playing both.

I’m in a tough position because my starts are Zeke and freeman. I think your right about Michel. I think it’s good to be a high scoring game. Man NE backs make me nervous though

I’d do Ekeler. My feeling is that Michel is going to be better in games where NE goes up early and I see Pitt being more of a shoot-out

I’d sit Freeman over Michel anyway. The decision would be Ekeler or Freeman for me. That would be tough.

MIN blitzes a ton and is really good at coverage for WRs which means a lot of check down passes to freeman. I really like freeman this week it’s going to tough for me to sit him

That’s a great point. I think they’re both going to have a good game this week. It’s probably going to be a last second Sunday morning pick :joy:

It’s week 1, gotta see how it all plays out. Just glad I didn’t have much invested in the players last night.