Start Mike Davis or Jay Ajayi?

Assuming Davis is healthy. Who has the better potential to go off? Pregame projections have me losing by 15+ in the semi finals

Tough one here. Based off Ajayi’s uptick in usage/carries last week, I’d roll with him. He would also have the higher ceiling. But, it’s close!

I have the same dilemma and went with Ajayi… I like Davis but if he gets a TD itll have to be a longer run since the pecking order inside the 10 is 1st down; pass to graham, 2nd down; pass to graham, 3rd down; Wilson keeper. Ajayi has established himself as the lead guy there at this point but his touches are still around 15 iirc… I get your concern but if you need the upside i think Ajayi has a better chance of multiple TDs or breaking a huge run… but if you just want a safer 8-9 points i think Davis should be good for that

With Wentz going down, Philly could be a little more run heavy this week, especially when they get up big on the Giants. I’m thinking there will be plenty of rushing attempts to go around the entire Philly RBs.

I’d go with Ajayi. He’ll most likely get some more carries with Wentz being out, the giants D is weak and philly will most likely be in control late in the game