Start MVS Sunday night? Talk me out of it

I’m starting him over guys like DJ Moore, Cooper, and even Kenny Golladay. Am I crazy? I feel like he’s a wr2 this weekend with upside. Allison is out, he’s been used and trusted by Rodgers the last couple weeks. Huge over/under point game, it’s gonna be a shootout. Belichek will game plan to shutdown Adams. I expect big things from him in a prime time game.

Talk me out of it!?

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I can’t. I think this is interesting! I have DJ Moore, Diggs, and MVS. Trying to figure out who to play!

Think it’s between diggs and mvs from me. DJ Moore is a little risky in my opinion if the panthers get out to a lead which could easily happen.

Gotchya, I also have Sutton on my bench too lol.

I personally like DJ Moore here. I think this is the perfect game for Cam and Moore to work on their repour. There are chances for big plays, and Moore did some damage against Bal. I think this could be a game they push him a little to see what he can do.

I think he maybe good to but what if Carolina gets out to a lead and they just run the ball with cam and cmc. I feel he’s a bit risky.

Here’s the thing… unless TB absolutely tanks with Fitz, I can’t see that. They are going to move the ball through the air and they have scored points so Car can’t just sit on the ball.

I guess it comes down to would you rather have mvs - Rodgers wr2 or cams wr2

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Allison reaggrivated his groin injury if that helps you any.

Any slot guy vs TB is a must start right now though.

Allison didn’t see a lot of targets last week… it’s kind of Adams and then 3 bodies rotating. If MVS didn’t get a score last week would we even be having this discussion? I just look at what Moore did vs Bal and think Car playing TB is a game they see how much Moore can handle. I could be wrong, but a guy getting targets and carries vs a #3 WR on a good team… I’ll take the chance on volume vs a poor D. One thing people aren’t accounting for is GB using the run against NE. If they do like they did vs LAR, this game could be less airing it out as anticipated.