Start one: Dak, Jimmy G, McCown, Winston

I have absolutely no clue. Leaning towards McCown…

Heres my personal rank

  1. McCown
  2. Dak
  3. Winston (if he plays)
  4. Jimmy G

I agree with those rankings.
McCown has been slinging it down field quite a bit

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Would you still start Alex Smith over McCown?

Idk I think id start McCown this week just cause hes at home. Would you start Dak at home tonight even though hes shit the bed the last three weeks? even though he played two very tough pass rush units

Its week one of my playoff and my opponent is starting Rivers. He also has Evans in his lineup. Should I start Winston just to hedge his best player??

I wanna start Dak so badly though just cause of the emotional attachment from the entire season starting him…

My rankings are Winston, McCown, Dak, Jimmy G

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