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Start one flex one bench one


So I have Mike Evans vs. Ari (Patrick Peterson), Davante Adams vs MIN, Or Mike Gillislee vs NYJ. I’m nervous about who to start and who toflex since the bad matchup for Evans. I also have ty Montgomery on my bench and will most likely be getting aaron Jones off waivers if that helps. Standard scoring 10 team league


Start Aaron Jones
Flex Davante Adams (TD upside)
Bench Montgomery (Might get more rest after Jones’ breakout)


I have hunt and bell locked in at RB, I need one WR and one Flex. My WRs are Julio, Mike Evans, Davante Adams… flex consideration is mike gilly, ty mont, possibly aaron jones if i get him on waivers, or the recievers listed


That’s one hell of a team!


That is a good problem too have.


lol I appreciate that, somehow after all of these trades sitting at 2-3. What can ya do ya know


What are your thoughts on Gillislee upside this week vs the lowly Jets? Also im quite nervous about Mike Evans matchup with Patrick Peterson… is it crazy to consider benching him for Davante Adams? his matchup isnt much better vs Minnesota, but like I said I really need a W this week as I am sitting at 2-3. Im currently favored by 25 points but that has happened in the past and Ive still managed to lose witha lot of points sitting on my bench…


No way I’m benching Evans and who to flex depends on your league format. If it’s standard I’d start Gilly and if it’s PPR I’d start Adams. If you’re that worried about Patrick Peterson then roll with Adams and Gilly. Both guys are a threat to score every week. I wouldn’t decide on Jones or Monty until later in the week when we learn how healthy Monty is and even if he plays, I think I’d wait and see cuz they’ll probably split work.


Would you try and trade Jones now?


I would start Adams, and Gilly in the flex, Minnesota is really good against running backs, the reason they gave up 20 to Rbs last week was a fluke fake punt td.


You would bench Evans for Adams this week? And Gillys matchup is incredible but the last 3 weeks he’s had 3, 4, and 5 points so that has me a little nervous


It’s standard 10 team league. And you’re right I just know Peterson has been killing no. 1 WRs all season. Gilly has me a little worried but it’s a prime matchup. And I saw the injury report today, looks like ty mont is healthy but I am nervous of the split work between him and jones. I’ll check back Fridays injury report and make a decision on the flex from there


sorry about the shit advice lol


Lol all good my friend I slept thru my alarm (cali time) and left Evans in but Gilly in the flex :pensive: Still got the Win though and that’s all that counts