Start one of these rbs over joe mixon? Ppr

Would you start one of these over mixon this week against Baltimore?

Aaron jones
Keryon Johnson
Alex Collins

Thoughts? The podcast has me worried about mixon

Don’t overthink it. Play Mixon.

Jones is the best play. Mixon has a tough matchup. I would even think starting Collins over Mixon this week. He has a cake matchup.

I’d start Aaron Jones. Rodgers went on to say that he needs more carries after their game last week.

Would you start keryon Johnson over mixon for the flex? I just realized he or mixon would be my best flex option, I have Larry fitz also but I would lean the rbs are better options than Larry even with him paying oakland

I don’t like the way Detroit uses Kerryon. He has Riddick and Blount to compete with. Mixon is atleast the bellcow there. Mixon over Kerryon.

Good point

Generally, I am of the play your studs mentality. In this case Aaron Jones is also a stud though. He may not be quite on Mixon’s level of pass catching, but he is good enough to avoid Mixon in this matchup. Though if you can play Mixon in the flex I probably would unless your team is absolutely stacked.

Jones is the only one I’d consider. But also, Cincy is saying there’s a chance Green comes back to play this week so Mixon would be more than fine if that’s the case. Unfortunately, Jones plays Thursday so you’d have to take a gamble on Green playing on Sunday if you want to play Mixon. Regardless, Baltimore hasn’t been incredible against the run lately (granted, they’ve played against Conner, CMC and Kamara 3 weeks straight) but all of those RBs put up good numbers, and Mixon is a studly RB as well so I wouldn’t sweat the matchup too much.

Jones for me. He’d be the only one I’d consider playing over Mixon.

I definitely would not play Collins over a lower end RB1 no matter the match up

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