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Start one out three


TY Hilton @ Sea, G. Tate @Min or D. Parker NO… leaning towards Parker. Thoughts?


Parker against NO for sure man, Evans was shut down by Rhodes, Tate will be shut down. Ty doesn’t have a reliable QB


Parker. So much upside


I’d be a bit surprised to see Rhodes on Tate. I don’t believe he generally follows WRs into the slot. In PPR, I’m taking Tate. In standard, probably Parker.


yep, that’s what I was thinking… it’s a PPR league but I am leaning towards Parker because I think he is more of a guaranteed TD this week.


Cutler and Parker are now “butt buddies” he will get his targets


lmao yea he called parker the faster jeffrey


There no such thing as a guaranteed TD, especially for a WR. In PPR, this isn’t all that close for me. Tate.


DFWB yeah but it is guaranteed against the Saints when you have a decent QB


We’re calling Cutler decent now?


Comparing cutler to cam yes he’s decent to me lol being able to throw a touchdown in every game so far is decent to me


Just keep in mind that D Parker is playing in London this week. That usually makes me cool on players a little.


… last week was a shutout until they called a timeout w/ 6 seconds to play. Against the freaking Jets.