Start one WR

Ty Hilton (vs Denver), Agholor (without Wentz), Robbie Anderson (without McCown), or JuJu. Help!!! Thanks

Robbie gets hyper targeted by Bryce Petty, but even that may suck lol.
I think I like JUJU at home

Yep, he’ll get ‘targets’ …whether or not those targets will actually be catchable balls is an entirely different story. :grimacing:

Tough call. I say Juju also, but Anderson is interesting

nobody likes Hilton at home?? he seem to have the higher floor even vs a tough Denver D. Juju is 3rd on the depth chart but I think he can overtake Bryant in a good game. I do not like Agholor as much as I did with Wentz and Anderson is hobbled and without McCown so no-go.