Start or Drop Mariota?

I have Mariota but he has a thought matchup against Seattle. But I don’t have anyone on my bench that I would drop to pick another QB so its either start Mariota or Drop Mariota and pick up Big Ben, Palmer, Rivers, Wentz or Siemian. After this week I would look to pick Mariota again because I think the rest of the schedule will turn him into a top 5 QB (IF no one picks him up)

How does nobody have any of those QB’s??? Anyways, if you’re looking for consistency every week I would go with Rivers and stick with him over Mariota. Mariota is a top 5 QB but the Titans are turning into more of a running team than a throwing team like they were last year so he’ll never get the chance to put up the points he’s capable of. Rivers will earn more points this year than Mariota and that’s a fact

really? you would take Rivers over Big Ben and Wentz? Big Ben is at chicago and wentz has had an amazing start to the season

Rivers will be the best in the long run over all the other QB’s

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