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Start or Sir


Second RB in PPR

Gore @ LA Rams
Gillislee vs KC
Rawls @ GB


Don’t really like any of them but Gore would probably be the safest.


Eh, the Rams have a pretty good defense. I might go Gillibear and hope for a TD.


I see your point. My logic was no idea what’s going on in the NE backfield. At least in IND you know it’s Gore; but with Luck out stacked boxes, good D. Flip of the coin really.


@MadJesse, well not sure I agree 100%. I have this feeling Indy is going to run a timeshare. Mack and Fergeson to catch the ball, Mack to run change of pace, Jones and Turbin for short yardage, and Turbin for the goal line. That with Gore filtered in on all situations. Might be reading too much into it, but it doesn’t feel as good as Gillisaurus at the goal line.

Plus the Pats score more.