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START OR SIT against a cheater!


Alex Collins or Dion Lewis


Lewis, he has the better match up. Houston allows 140 yards on the ground average. And I dont trust Seattle’s RB or WR situation.


@tyler_roloff I think you might be mistaken on those matchups, unless i’m misunderstanding you.


@IsaaMart23 Probably Dion Lewis. He seems to be trending up at the moment


My bad, you’re right @gdupree. Chargers average that many yards. The match up is still better fot Lewis. Just got my opposing teams flipped.


My first reaction would be Dion. But it depends on if you need a homerun or floor play. Dion could score two TD’s and win a week for you or he could get 2 pts. I feel like Collins will have a good floor.


Appreciate it guys!