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Start or sit? Blow Plow or Allen Robinson


Montgomery or Lynch this sunday


Monty for me. Seattle has a scary name (and they are scary), but Tennessee has been a really tough run D for a while, and I don’t trust Lynch until I see it.


I think Ty also… just cause i kind of know what to expect with Ty… Lynch I would have to see to believe


But… I thought the same with Gillislee, so if you believe in Lynch as goal line puncher…maybe higher upside


lynch all day

ballers have him a good 20 spots ahead of monty if that means anything. Im a montgomery owner and im starting ted ginn over him in the flex lol


I would highly discourage you from playing Ginn ahead of either of these RBs. Its a bad matchup and a road game, where the Saints offense is never quite the same.


lynch he has something to prove and he is more determined this year imo because of the fact that he is playing for his hometown