Start or Sit Help for Week 1

Hey guys,
Who should I start/sit for Week 1?
Team 1 (pick a WR and a Flex):
WR: Godwin, Boyd
Flex: T. Coleman, Pollard, Godwin, Boyd
Team 2 (pick a QB and a Flex)
QB: Dak, Lamar
Flex: Pollard, Damien Williams, Boyd, Westbrook
Team 3 (pick a RB and a Flex)
RB: Michel, Cohen
Flex: Westbrook, Ridley, Josh Gordon, Kirk, Michel, Cohen
Thank you guys for any help!!!

  1. Godwin. Tevin. Pollard if no Zeke.
  2. I hope this is Dynasty, because theres no reason to have 2 QB in redraft. But Dak. Same idea for flex, play the rb.
  3. flip a coin at RB. Flex Dede. They’ll be chucking it to keep up with KC

Thanks for the reply!

I like Godwin/Boyd, Lamar/Damien, Michel/Westbrook

Breida is listed #1 and at most the backfield will be 50/50 split. Lamar Jackson is going up against Miami. I’m least confident in the Team 3 choice here but am buying into the Westbrook hype for W1.

To piggy back on this, Foles hyper targeted Dede (albeit in only one game). Not bad advice, esp in a PPR.