Start or Sit Help with Running Backs! Desperate for a win (1-4)

For those of you who took the time to read this, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

1/2 point PPR league. My running backs are: Lamar Miller, Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, and Jordan Howard (I also have L.Murray and Cohen-but wasn’t going to start one of them this week). Which 3 would you start?

If it makes a difference I have Kelvin Benjamin and Pierre Garcon on my bench that I could start over one of those running backs in my flex. I am so torn!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


I think Howard and Miller are for sure. To me it comes down then to Kamari or Martin. It’s hard for me to say sit Martin but I think in you scoring format that Kamara is the better play.

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I got the win! I ended up sitting Howard, and of course he had a monster game. What saved my game was the last minute add of Cameron Brate! Thank you for your feedback, @scottyb1k!

Glad it worked out!