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Start or sit help


Here’s my starting line up: Wentz, ajayi, crow, Julio jones, beckham, Henry, fitzgerald, and white.
On my bench I have Maclin, matthews, and nelson. Do I start JJ of Fitz? do I start Maclin? or will the jags defense shut them down?


also I have cousins on my bench, cousins or wentz?


LOL Dracsmith. I’m in the same position concernine Cousins or Wentz. Starting Cousins after some feedback from a few others here. As a few have mentioned. Kirk is always a slow starter and is expected to put up some fairly decent numbers. I had him last year and he got me to the P/O’s.


So, I should start cousins. But what about my line up?


Just kinda got a feelin’ about JJ and Maclin. But I’m just going with my gut…which doesn’t always work. LOL. But…personally I would prob go with JJ for sure.


Ppr? I like your starters. JJ vs Fitz is tough. Only one I waiver on. I lean JJ at this point.


full point ppr. 2 flex. in flex one is james white and I trust him. In flex two is up for debate. JJ or fitz. I’ll takr maclin off the table because I wont start him over fitz, jj, Odell, or julio.


So you would go with Wentz over Cousins rob8286? Got Cousins starting, but been REAL undecided about it.


I would start JJ Nelson over Larry. They will have all eyes on Larry since DJ is hurt leaving JJ to prance into the end zone. I personally like Carson Wentz this week.


This Cousins/Wentz thing is a tough one. Going with Cousins, but it’s gonna be close. And won’t be surprised if I’m kicking my own butt afterwards. Reckon my thoughts are…not only the match-up this week (which in itself is pretty dadgummed close), but…week 3 is normally the week The Captain FINALLY starts getting his rhythm going.


Good point william-mark on the JJ/Fitz quandary!!!


okay see I would agree but that has been the thing over the past two weeks. JJ has slipped by while the focus was on fitz and Dj and then just fitz. now don’t you think the cowgirls would focus on him a little more?


here’s how I am going to call it. If Jenkins is playing for the giants I am sitting wentz. But if he isnt im starting him


Man I don’t know. I’m in the same boat with Jameis and Wentz. I almost like Jameis if Bradford misses the game. I know Minnesota has a solid pass D though. Anyways I think Wentz/Cousins is similar. I’m thinking Wentz.


OK. Don’t ask me why…but…suddenly got a gut-hunch about Fitz/JJ. IDK…but…suddenly thinking Fitz might just bust open over JJ this week. Dadgummit!!! Been tooting JJ’s horn all week…but…now I don’t know. Geez-Louise. What a year…ALREADY!!! LOL