Start or Sit Mark Andrews

Half point ppr league. Options are Mark Andrews, Irv Smith or add Ian Thomas and stream him. Thanks for the help y’all!

I’m riding with Andrews…it’s scary as heell but I’d hate myself if I sat him and he went off

Thinking a out splitting the pain. I have both oj and Mark in two leagues. Down 20 in a 2 week playoff and the other is 1 week format.

Where do you play him? Cause I want to play him for same reasons, he is a great te and Jamal Adams isn’t playing tonight for Jets.

Depend on your 1 week league…if you have a good team, I would start OK I’m that one and Andrews in the down 20 league…more boom with Andrews…he’s a big red zone threat and it only takes 1 TD

I apparently can’t spell…OJ in 1 week, Andrews in 2 week would be my play

Laird and Curtis Samuel on the bench